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As a leading supplier of aircraft components, we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of used serviceable material for a wide variety of commercial aircraft and jet engine variants. Our USM is re-certified to the highest standards of quality, ensuring the reliable, efficient and continuous operation of your aircraft or engine asset. Our USM is re-certified to the specific OEM and FAA/EASA requirements of each aircraft or engine model, ensuring optimal performance & reliability. Next Level Aviation has the used serviceable material your airline, leasing company, OEM or MRO needs to keep your aircraft or engine in the air.

Engine Electronic Control (ECC)

Part #: 824972-11-026

Hydraulic Mechanical Unit (HMU)

Part #: 442564


Part #: 144-405-000-011

APU 131-9A/B
Pressure Switch

Part #: 304300-2

737 NG
Sensor T2

Part #: RP236-00


Part #: 3505945-12

Pneumatic Starter

Part #: 77550-3

737 NG
Exciter Ignition

Part #: 3888058-7

APS 3200
Fuel Control

Part #: 4500039F

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