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With years of experience in the aviation industry, our team members bring a wealth of expertise and passion for delivering exceptional value and service to our customers. From sourcing and procuring the right parts to thorough quality inspections and efficient inventory management, our team is committed to providing reliable and timely solutions. When you choose to partner with Next Level Aviation, you can trust that our team will go above and beyond to meet your specific requirements to deliver exceptional results with significant cost savings.

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Jack Gordon

Chairman & CEO, Co-Founder

Matt Dreyer

EVP - Supply Chain, Co-Founder

Mike Dreyer

EVP - Sales & Procurement, Co-Founder

Ray Fernandez-Andes, C.P.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Martin Curtis

President - Dublin

Richard Sanford

Senior VP - Engine Programs

Leyla Abdul-Mesih

VP - Finance

Kent Reese

VP - Business Development

Frank Mascirella

VP - Supply Chain & Quality

Chantal Reese

Director - Engine Repairs

Nelson J. Estupiñan

Director - Sales & Purchasing

Karen Escobar

Director - Sales, Latin America

James Hancock

Director - Sales

Elliot Shiels

Director - Sales

Danny Kristian

Director - Sales, APU/Engine

Jonathan Blanco

Director - Operations

Jordan Nahama

Director - LPU Repairs

Sharon Nolan

Financial Controller

Tiffany McChesney

HR & Finance Assistant

Karla Rivera

Finance Assistant

Maverick Story

Inside Sales Rep

Irish Messina

Sales & Procurement Specialist

Raquel Vizcaino

Sales & Procurement Specialist

Maggie Blackburn

Manager - Special Projects

Adrian Bueno

Operations Specialist

Shmuel Levy

Operations Specialist

Kyoto Lorenzo

Operations Specialist

Charles Moquette

Operations Specialist

Paul McDonnell

Operations Specialist

Felipe Castano

Operations Specialist

Andrew Rego

Operations Specialist

Victor Tirado

Operations Specialist

Yunior Maria

Operations Specialist

Jetty Dreyer

Emotional Support Specialist

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